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Get expert support to streamline your

operations and achieve your goals

Introducing Natalie O'Shea Online Business Supoort, your trusted

partner in online business management. We specialise in providing comprehensive support and strategic guidance to entrepeneurs

and small businesses.

From streamlining operations to optimising productivity and launches, our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and maximise your online presence.

With our tailored solutions and personalised approach, let us take

care of the details while you focus on what you do best.



Do you need help with the day

to day running of your business?

Do you not have time to do the "thing" that you started your business for?

You are too busy

doing all the content creation, financials, planning, maybe managing a team, that you have

no time to actually do what you started your business to do?


You're launching a course, a membership, a mastermind or

even an in person event.

Maybe you need someone to take control,responsibility and

ownership to make sure

your launch is a success.

We can help with putting together

an overall launch plan which can include social media, emails, sales pages, funnels, checkout pages,

course areas and all the tech

ready for a successful launch.

Email Opt In

You know you need an "Opt In"

or "Freebie" or "Lead Magnet" in

order to entice people onto your

email list, but you don't know

where to start.

Whether you've got your lead

magnet already or need help

making one, we can help.

We can also help set up a landing

page, delivery of your freebie and a sequence of emails after that to

get people to know you.


Entrepreneur, Learning addict,

perfectionist and tick list lover

I have been running my own businesses

(and businesses for others) for over 25 years,

the last 15 years in an online world, and I know

how hard it can be to work
ON your business rather than
IN your business!

I know that running a business has its ups

and its downs and I know how hard it is to

fit it all in.


there just aren't enough hours in the day!

So whether you want help with a launch,

building your email list and growing your

audience or the day to day business stuff,

I've done it all.

Let me use my experience of running

Solicitors Practices, being a Magazine Editor,

running a franchise of two depots employing

25 staff, building a Facebook Group to 25,000

and launching courses and memberships

to help you succeed in YOUR business.


Fiona F

Working alone with big ideas is so frustrating

but Natalie has come along and helped bring

my ideas to life through tech and

organisational support.

More than that, it feels like she actually

cares about my business and wants me

to achieve my goals, so she really feels like

part of my team.

I trust her with clients and passwords,

which is saying something.

I am so glad I found her.

Vivienne J

Working with Natalie is an absolute dream.

From our very first meeting I knew that

Natalie understood my business without

me having to explain it to her.

As a busy entrepreneur, I have 1 million

ideas every single day.

Natalie is helping me to organise those ideas

and to strategise whether they are profitable

for my business or not.

Natalie is so much more than a VA. I have

been working with Natalie for less than two months and have already seen the impact

that she has made in my business.

Natalie has written and developed my l

aunch plan, email sequences and social

media captions. Natalie’s email writing is so good, I question myself “Did I write that?”

Kelly C

I'd reached the point in my business where

I'd scaled to a 6-figure turnover with just

myself and my VA.

I needed someone who could help me take

my ideas for making money and put all the pieces into place for me beyond the creative

part (which is my zone of genius) to get the

idea out there and in front of paying clients.

This is where Natalie came in!

She's set up sales pages, new products and helped me to put things to market in a crazy short period of time.

The woman is a machine with getting

the tech set up!

Natalie has the initiative to do the bits of

the job that I hadn't even considered.

This means I can relax knowing that I

don't have to think of everything anymore.

I show her something once and she's better

at it than I am!

This is the dream as far as I'm concerned.

Highly recommend.

Sarah K

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Natalie during a business planning meeting, and I was immediately struck by her remarkable blend of expertise and approachability.

Our initial conversation left me convinced that she was the ideal person to help me refine my business strategy and ensure a successful launch.

Natalie has been an indispensable asset on my journey, providing invaluable guidance on strategic direction, fostering audience growth, devising effective marketing strategies, and crafting engaging lead magnets and email nurture sequences.

Thanks to her dedicated efforts, my brand has undergone a transformative evolution and now boasts a fresh, invigorated identity.

Natalie's contributions have been truly instrumental in my business's success.

Steph S

Natalie stepped in without fuss and brought calm and clarity to the tech chaos I was experiencing.

She quickly understood what I wanted to achieve and my vision for the project and jumped onto things quickly and efficiently.

She recognised the importance of hitting my tight deadlines and ensured that everything I needed was completed when I needed it.

She worked to a high standard and showed me how to work with the elements that she had created for me, ensuring that I could pick things up after her work for me finished.

She was available when I needed her and understood the tech program so well that she was able to help me troubleshoot and resolve issues that would have taken me hours of researching and trial and error to resolve alone.

Natalie will solve all of the problems you know you have and even some you didn’t realise you had.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Natalie again or to recommend her to anyone needing a structured, organised, detail focussed and professional"

Matt B

Natalie has been my Operations

Manager for a year now.

She has played a key role in getting my
business more organised and streamlined

and ensures our day to day operations are
kept up to date.

She is professional,confidential,

reliable and accurate and

for us, they are all non-negotiable.

She fits into the team well and is flexible

with the tasks that she helps with from

research for client presentations, she is a powerpoint whizz and even keeps our

accounts up to date too.

I don’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an Operations Manager, you

won't be disappointed!

Kim F

I hate technology and from time to time,

I need help with my business.

I use Natalie’s business services to help

with my Newsletters and it's the best

decision I have made.

I highly recommend Natalie's services!

I am one stress free, happy customer

who is free to do other stuff I enjoy more!

Thank you Natalie x

Sam B

HUGE thanks to you Natalie, because honestly,

I needed someone to keep me on the straight and narrow for my content on my business.

I am loving the system you have set up for me. It's so easy to understand and follow and it's important to me that I can customise it when I need to.

You are an organised ninja and have

managed to save me from all my

overthinking plus I've now been able

to spend my time on more important tasks.

Thank you xx

Jan B

Natalie worked with me to find an email

provider that would allow me multiple lists.

She helped me and more importantly s

howed me how to put together a

newsletter with photos, and buttons

with links.

I certainly could not have done this without

her knowledge and help. She was patient

and answered all my questions no matter

how trival.

Recording the lesson means I always

have it to refer to.

Thank you Natalie









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